Watch Size Guide: How to measure your wrist for watches


A watch size guide is basically something that can help you find the right watch that will fit perfectly on your wrist. But why would you need a guide in the first place? We’re here to help you figure it out. 

First of all, finding the perfect watch for yourself isn’t exactly a piece of cake. There are so many options to choose from, and that tends to make us pretty confused. What kind of watch should I go for? Analog or Digital? Which functionality I should opt for? Which strap type will be perfect for me? Which hand does a watch go on? Hundreds of questions like this keep coming to our mind before buying a watch. 

Moreover, when we finally find the needle in the haystack, comes another problem. The size of the watch. Before going into the details one thing needs to be cleared out. Size matters. Period. A watch that won’t fit your wrist properly is good for nothing. This is where our watch size guide comes in. We will help you choose the perfect watch size and we’ll also show you how to measure your wrist for watches. In addition, we’ll provide answers to some relevant questions as a bonus! 

Watch Size Guide: Why is it important 

Nowadays, there is a watch for everyone. Whether you're a student, a fashion enthusiast, a business person, or an adventurer, there are so many watches that you can choose from. 

When you've finally decided on the type of watch or the specific model that you want to own, there are a couple of things that you should consider before buying. One of the most important factors is the size of the watch, or the size of the watch case to be specific.  

For instance, if your wrist is small then buying a watch with a big case might not be the best decision. Not only will it look odd, but it will also make you uncomfortable as well. And let's face it, no one wants to wear a watch they're not comfortable with. 

You should neither get a watch for yourself that's loose, so it won't have trouble staying on your wrist, nor you should go for one that's too tight; obstructing the flow of oxygen through your veins. You need something that's just right. But how will you determine which watch will be the perfect fit for your wrist? We're here to help you figure it out.

Watch Size guide

To put it simply, if you have a small wrist then you should buy a watch with a relatively small case. On the other hand, if you have a bigger wrist, then you should opt for watches with a bigger case. Generally, watch case sizes vary between the range of 36 mm and 46 mm. This value is the diameter of the watch case. For your convenience, let us mention that the diameter of the U.S quarter is 24.3 mm

After 20 hours of research for our watch size guide, we were able to reach the ultimate conclusion. And we believe that it will help you choose the perfect size for yourself. However, in order to find your desired watch size, you need to measure your wrist first. Below, you'll find three of the easiest methods you can use to figure out your wrist size. 

How to measure your wrist for watches

Using a measurement tape

This is relatively the most accurate and easy method for measuring wrist sizes. In order to find out your wrist size and select the right watch size, you’ll need a measurement tape. Any kind of measuring tape will work. We’ll try to layout the process of measuring your wrist as simply as possible below:

  • Make sure to open your hand before taking the measurement as opening your hand widens your wrist (by a little yet significant amount)
  • Put the end of the tape right in the middle of your wrist. About the position of the tape, you can put it where your watch would generally be. However, if you’re looking for our advice, it would be to put it just below the wrist bone.
  • Finally, wrap the measurement tape around your wrist and voila! You’ve measured the circumference of your wrist. Additionally, you should wrap the tape gently around the wrist. Neither too tight nor too loose. Just the same way you’d be comfortable wearing a watch. 

I think we can all agree that the above-mentioned method is pretty convenient. However, what if you don’t have a measurement tape? What happens then?

Well, in that case you can follow these two methods that won’t require any measurement tapes.

Using a string

For this method, just take a simple piece string and ruler. Then simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Just like the measuring tape method, keep an open hand.
  • Place the string on your wrist and wrap it around firmly. Make sure it’s not too tight.
  • Take a marker and mark the points where the string meets on your wrist.
  • Use any ruler to take the reading and you’re done!

Needless to say, this is another easy method you can use to measure the circumference of your wrist without any hassle at all. Moreover, the reading will be fairly accurate as well.

Using a dollar

For the last method, we’ll present you with a way that won’t require anything other than a U.S dollar. Although this is very interesting and fun to conduct, some major drawbacks do occur. For instance, you can only measure up to 6 inches since that is the length of a dollar. Whereas, the average circumference of men’s wrist is more than 6 inches. Additionally, the reading won’t be accurate unless your wrist’s circumference is exactly or close to 6 inches.

Anyways, if you’re happy with estimation and can choose your watch size based on the reading taken using the dollar method, here’s how you do it:

  • Keep an open hand
  • Wrap a dollar around your wrist firmly and make sure the edges meet in a parallel way.

Finding the perfect watch size for your wrist

Now that you know the size of your wrist, which case size will be ideal for you? Well, after our extensive research, we came to a simple conclusion. The size of your watch case diameter should be proportionate with your wrist size

If your wrist is 6 inches which is considered as a small wrist, 38 mm should be the ideal size for you.

But if it's more than 6.5 inches but less than 7, you should go for 40 mm cases.

42 mm cases are the perfect choice for people with a wrist circumference of 7-7.5 inches.

If the circumference of your wrist ranges anywhere between 7.5 and 8 inches, you should opt for 44 mm cases.

We don’t recommend going for 46 mm watches even for people with large wrists, because a watch that big looks very out of place on a wrist. However, if you have a thing for bigger watches, feel free to go for it!

Check out our list of the best watches under 500 dollars for some affordable yet great choices! 

How to measure your wrist for watches

Watch Size Guide: Related Questions

Does the case thickness of a watch matter? What about strap/band width?

Both of these are correlated with watch case sizes. A well-proportioned watch is crafted carefully keeping watch size, thickness, and the width of the watch strap in check. So, if you can choose your case size properly, you won’t have to worry about the other ones.

Which strap/band type is the best for watches?

It really depends on your choice. We love all kinds of watch straps. From metal to nato types, you name it. However, we feel that since metal watch straps look bigger on a person’s wrist (because, well, it’s metal), they fall into the preference list of larger men with larger wrists.

Leather straps are an amazing option for both men and women (on top of my personal preference list as well), since they go with both formal and casual attires. However, leather might not be the best option during summertime since leather and sweat doesn’t exactly have a good relationship.

A NATO strap is amazing as it gives the perfect mixture of a casual-sporty vibe. But our advice would be not to wear them with formal attires.

Why were watch components excluded from the list?

We feel that since this is a watch size guide, the relevance of adding watch components would not have been great. Although the details inside the watch do make the watch case larger proportionately, considering the size of the watch case diameter before buying is more than enough!

Final Words

Before buying a watch, it’s always advised to give it a proper thought. On the other hand, thinking too much before buying can make it too complicated. As a result, you may even end up not buying at all.

That’s why our watch size guide focuses on the most important factor to be considered before going shopping. We’ve shown you how to measure your wrist for watches as well. All that’s left for you to do is, pick the right size and your preferred strap type.

Last advice, don’t think about it too much. Just pick something you like. Something that will not only match your style but compliment your wrist as well. Happy shopping!