Fossil Minimalist Watch Review 2023: Is it Worth Your Money?


When you're looking for the perfect watch, you probably find yourself deluged with options. We like to look at what specific brands offer and decide whether any of their watches meet our expectations. 

However, that's a long process, and many people just don't have the time or energy to do that kind of work. Maybe you'd rather buy a watch that's functional, but subpar when it comes to your personal standards. 

That's why we chose to research and write up a Fossil minimalist watch review. We found that Fossil makes some excellent watches, and if you're looking for something elegant but simple, you might want to check this watch out for yourself.

Fossil Minimalist Watch Review: Our Perspective

fossil fs5304 review

Fossil's minimalist watches are slim and simple. They come with easy-to-read faces and basic leather or metal bands without a lot of bells and whistles. As analog watches, they combine minimalism with tradition, giving you a sleek and elegant look.

Fossil has several different styles of minimalist watches for men. While they also have sleek, slender, basic watches for women, they don't call any of their women's watches "minimalist." So if you're a woman looking for a Fossil minimalist watch, you can find some that fit that description, but they're not specifically "minimalist."


The Fossil FS-5304 has a three-hand analog face and leather band, all in a very slim, elegant package. It comes with a 22 mm interchangeable strap, so if you don't like the brown one, you can purchase a different color strap for your watch. In fact, you can change this watch strap out with all Fossil 22 mm straps. 

Also, you have a couple of different color options for the dial. The blue one is beautiful and dramatic, but you can also get either a black or white watch face if blue isn't your thing. We love the blue as well as the smoke one, the comes with a stainless steel texture. 

Other Specifications

  • Face:Mineral crystal
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Strap: Brown leather with buckle closure
  • Dial: Three-hand with linear marks on each hour
  • Inner strap circumference: 200 mm plus or minus 5 mm


In researching this watch for our Fossil FS-5304 review, we found a lot to enjoy about this watch. Aside from its minimalist design, the leather strap is quite comfortable, and if you like watch faces without obtrusive markings on them, this one's great for you. 

If you inherited slim wrists, the watch is still likely to fit you because of its design and the band circumference. Also, if you like to fidget with things (pens, your phone case, paper clips, your watch dial, etc.), we found that the crown on the side of the watch is durable enough to withstand such fidgeting (just be sure not to do it nonstop).

Other things we like include:

  • Great for daily wear and formal occasions
  • The quartz movement ensures a high degree of accuracy
  • The leather band is soft and doesn't require you to break it in
  • The limited warranty covers certain defects and other problems, and Fossil replaces or repairs anything covered under the warranty

Fossil fs5304 brown leather strap


Like all products, we did find things we don't like about the Fossil minimalist watch. Our primary concern is that the crown can dig into your hand or arm. If you're left-handed, you might have even more of a problem with it since you'll wear the watch on your right wrist. 

Also, many feel the face is too big for a minimalist design. We get that it's a men's watch, but slim and broad don't always go together. For some, that might be a deal-breaker.

Other issues we found:

  • The second hand is prone to ticking between lines instead of on them
  • Crown is sharp, exacerbating problems with digging and poking
  • The watchband feels cheaper than it should
  • The crown is prone to popping out, requiring you to reset your watch more often than you should
  • There’s only a limited selection of adjustable straps

You can also check out the smoke Fossil FS5304 minimalist watch with a stainless steel strap.

Fossil fs5304 smoke stainless steel


We have answers to some commonly asked questions in this Fossil minimalist watch review, too. 

Are there different sizes of watchbands?

No. All of Fossil’s watch bands are all one size. However, if you buy a watch with a bracelet-style band and it’s too big or too small, you can have links added or removed to get a better fit. Just make sure you know your wrist size beforehand.

What kind of battery does a Fossil minimalist watch take? 

All of Fossil’s watches take certain batteries. You can find the model number of the battery you need on the battery itself. However, a Fossil FS5304 takes an SR621SW lithium battery, which you can find at a grocery store or a drugstore.

Are Fossil minimalist watches waterproof? 

Not specifically, no. They’re water-resistant to a degree, but you can’t go swimming or bathing with them (especially if you have a leather band). If you’re wondering whether you can submerge it to clean it, check the back of the watch case. That will tell you whether it’s rated for water submersion or not. 

Does Fossil have a warranty plan?

Yes, however, it’s a limited warranty that goes through two years from the date of your purchase. It also only covers problems with internal components, such as its movement, the hands, and the dial. You also need to submit a proof of purchase with any warranty request.

Final Thoughts

In doing our research for our Fossil minimalist watch review, we found a lot to like, but a few things that may be too problematic for you. Overall, you get a quality watch at a good value, especially if you want a watch you can wear for just about any occasion. We love Fossil watches, and the value for money they provide. That's why we have included one of them in our list for the best watches under $500

Even though this is a minimalist watch, you should be aware that you might find the face too big for either your preferences or your wrist. Furthermore, the size of the face and location of the crown can cause problems for you. And while we like that it keeps time very accurately, we weren't fans of the fact that the second hand didn't always tick right on the lines. 

If you want a basic, quality, classy watch that you can wear on any occasion for a good value, then check out the Fossil minimalist watch. You might be surprised at how well it works for you.