Orient Mako II Review: Best Entry-Level Dive Watch


Are you looking for an affordable dive watch that offers both style and functionality? Look no further than the Orient Mako II.

When it comes to dive watches, there are plenty of options on the market, ranging from high-end luxury pieces to more affordable, entry-level options.

However, finding a dive watch that balances both elegance and functionality without breaking the bank can be a challenge. That's where the Orient Mako II comes in.

The Mako II is a mid-range dive watch that offers a range of impressive features at an affordable price point.

In this article, we'll be taking a closer look at the Orient Mako II, exploring its design, features, and overall performance to help you determine whether it's the right diver for you.

In this Orient Mako II review, we will take an in-depth look at the magnificent timepiece and evaluate its features, design, and overall performance.

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Orient Mako II Review: Watch Specifications 

Ever since their inception in 1950, Orient. inc has been creating amazing timepieces and put their mark on the world as one of the renowned watchmakers of the world. 

In 2004, they launched the Mako series and thus started a revolution of creating amazing divers for under $200.

Although the Mako was one of the best entry-level divers out there, it had some drawbacks- especially with its movement. However, it’s all in the past as they have covered all of the limitations of the Mako and incorporated better features in the MAKO II series. 

Let's take a glance at the specs before diving into the details

  • Case Width: 41.5 mm
  • Lug Width: 22 mm
  • Lug to Lug Width: 47 mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case thickness: 11.5 mm
  • Buckle/Clasp: Clasp
  • Shape: Round
  • Case Size: Full Size
  • Watch Crystal: Mineral Crystal or Sapphire
  • Dial Color: Black or Blue
  • Dial Markings: Minimalistic Full Markers 
  • Watch Movement: In-house Caliber 22 jewels f6922 movement

In addition, The Mako II comes with some cool features including: 

  • 40-hour power reserve
  • A day date window
  • hand winding and hacking feature
  • Water Resistance of 200m
Orient Mako II FAA02001B9

Watch Movement: Orient Caliber F6922

The Orient Mako II features the Orient Caliber F6922 automatic movement, which is an in-house movement developed and produced by Orient Watch Co., Ltd. This movement is highly regarded for its accuracy and reliability, as well as for its value for money.

The movement features 22 jewels, which help to reduce friction and wear within the movement. It operates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (or 6 beats per second), which is a common frequency for mid-range automatic movements. This frequency provides a smooth sweep for the second hand, which is a hallmark of automatic movements.

This movement also features hacking and hand-winding capabilities, which are useful features for those who want to set the time precisely or manually wind the watch. Hacking refers to the ability to stop the second hand when the crown is pulled out to set the time, which makes it easier to synchronize the watch with a reference time.

The movement has a power reserve of up to 40 hours, which means that if the watch is not worn for more than 40 hours, it will stop keeping time. However, once the watch is picked up and worn again, the movement will start to wind itself and resume keeping time.

It is also highly precise, with a rate of -15 to +25 seconds per day. This means that the watch will keep time within this range and is generally considered to be accurate for a mechanical watch in this price range.

Overall, the F6922 is a reliable and accurate movement that provides good value for money. It is a key reason why the Mako II has gained a reputation for being one of the best affordable mechanical watches on the market. 

The Case: Stainless Steel 41.5 mm

The Orient Mako II has a stainless steel case that is highly durable and water-resistant. The case measures 41.5mm in diameter, which is a compatible size for most wrist sizes. The case is also relatively thin, measuring just 13mm in thickness, which makes it comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

The case has a unidirectional rotating bezel that is used to measure elapsed time, which is a crucial feature for a diver. The bezel has a coin-edge design that provides a firm grip and is easy to turn.

The case also has a screw-down crown that helps to ensure that the watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters. The crown has a sturdy grip and is easy to use, which is important when setting the time or date on the watch. Needless to say, the orient logo has been etched on the crown.

Dial: Crystal or Saphhire

The dial of the Orient Mako II is highly legible and easy to read. The dial features large, lumed hour markers and hands that are highly visible in low-light conditions. The lume on the markers and hands is also of excellent quality and provides ample visibility in the dark.

The dial has a day-date display at the 3 o'clock position, which is a convenient feature for daily use. The day-date display is also highly legible and easy to read.

The dial of the Mako II is available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, and green. Each color option has its own unique look and feel, and all are highly attractive.

Watch Strap: Three-link Stainless Steel 

The Orient Mako II comes with a stainless steel bracelet that is highly durable and comfortable to wear. The bracelet has a solid, three-link design that provides good support and is easy to adjust.

The bracelet also has a fold-over clasp with safety, which ensures that the watch stays securely on the wrist. The clasp is also easy to use and provides a good grip.

The model is also available with a rubber strap, which is a good option for those who prefer a more casual look. The rubber strap is highly comfortable and durable, and it is also water-resistant, which is important for a watch suitable for diving.

Photo: OrientUSA


Is the Mako II suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, the Orient Mako II is a durable and versatile watch that is suitable for everyday wear. It can be worn with a variety of outfits and in a variety of settings.

If you're looking for a minimalistic dress watch, check out our Timex Waterbury Classic Review.

What is the difference between the Orient Mako II and the Orient Ray II?

The Orient Mako II and Orient Ray II are both divers from Orient Watch Co., Ltd. They share many similar features, including the same movement and water resistance rating. The main differences are in the design and style of the watches. The Mako II has a more classic and traditional dive watch look, while the Ray II has a more modern and sporty look.

Check our detailed Ray II review if you're interested.

Can the Mako II be worn with a leather strap?

Yes, the Orient Mako II has lugs that allow for easy strap changes, so it can be worn with a variety of straps, including leather.

Credit: HKwatchlover (Watchuseek.com)

What is the difference between the models with a mineral crystal and one with a sapphire crystal?

The Orient Mako II with a sapphire crystal is more scratch-resistant than the one with a mineral crystal. However, the one with a sapphire crystal is typically more expensive.

Is the Orient Mako II made in Japan?

Yes, the Orient Mako II is made in Japan by Orient Watch Co., Ltd., which is known for its high-quality and reliable watches.

How often does the Orient Mako II need to be serviced?

 Orient Watch Co., Ltd. recommends that the watch be serviced every 3-5 years to maintain its accuracy and reliability. However, the exact service interval may vary depending on the usage and conditions of the watch.

Can the Orient Mako II be used as a dive watch? Is it waterproof?

 Yes, the Orient Mako II was manufactured for diving having a water resistance rating of 200 meters, which makes it suitable for recreational diving. However, it is recommended that the watch is pressure tested and serviced by a professional before diving to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Orient Mako I vs Mako II: How different are they?

FeatureOrient Mako IOrient Mako II
MovementOrient Caliber 46943 automaticOrient Caliber F6922 automatic
Frequency21,600 vibrations per hour21,600 vibrations per hour
Power ReserveUp to 40 hoursUp to 40 hours
Water Resistance200 meters200 meters
Case Diameter41.5mm41.5mm
Case Thickness13mm13mm
CrystalMineralMineral or Sapphire (depending on the model)
BezelUnidirectional, 120 clicksUnidirectional, 120 clicks
Shows Day & DateYesYes
LumeHour markers, hands, and bezelHour markers, hands, and bezel
BraceletSolid-link stainless steel or rubberSolid-link stainless steel or rubber
ClaspFold-over with push-button releaseFold-over with push-button release and safety

Overall, the Orient Mako II features some notable improvements over the Mako I, including a more advanced movement with hacking and hand-winding capabilities, an upgraded bracelet clasp with safety, and the option for a sapphire crystal. However, both watches are highly regarded for their quality and affordability, and either one would make an excellent choice for a reliable and stylish dive watch.

Orient Mako II with Bezel Mod

Final Words 

In conclusion, the Orient Mako II is an outstanding dive watch that offers high quality, reliability, and style at an affordable price. With its advanced F6922 movement, improved bracelet clasp, and option for a sapphire crystal, the Mako II is an excellent upgrade to the already highly regarded Mako I.

Its 200-meter water resistance rating, day-date display, and luminescent markers make it a highly functional watch suitable for everyday wear and diving. Its classic design and versatile style make it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish dive watch.

Overall, the Orient Mako II is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable dive watch that offers both style and functionality. The watch's classic design, impressive features, and reliable performance make it a standout option in the mid-range dive watch market. Whether you're a seasoned diver or just looking for a stylish everyday watch, the Orient Mako II is definitely worth considering.