Orient Bambino Open Heart Review: The Perfect Affordable Dress Watch in 2023


A watch is the best accessory that a man can wear, and that’s a fact. Especially when they're dress watches. Not only are they functional, they also provide a sense of style as well. Some even believe that a watch collection is definitely incomplete without a dress watch. Just in case you don't know what a dress watch is, it's a watch that is tailored to go with formal attires such as suits, jackets etc. Dress watches are a beautiful artistic tribute in the world of horology. 

If you are searching for a perfect dress watch for yourself, you must’ve come across at least one orient bambino review. And, we believe there is no better option than the Orient Bambino 'Open Heart'  . It feels great in your hand, has a very sleek design, and complements your style perfectly. To conclude, it will definitely melt your heart. ( Yes, pun intended) 

Let’s dive into our Orient Bambino Open Heart review (model- RA-AG0005L10A) and you'll see what all the fuss is about.

Orient Bambino Open Heart review

source: Orient Watch Instagr​​​​​​am 

Salient Features of the Product

If you've read our Orient Star Classic review, you are already aware of the love that we hold for Orient. They have been producing top-notch watches in the market for so long now. And the best thing about Orient watches is the value they provide for the amount of money. I mean, it's not everyday you get an elegant feeling wearing a watch that costs under $500 . The Bambino open heart is one of their best dress watches so far in that price range. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of this timepiece and you'll get what we're talking about. We'll be reviewing the Orient Bambino Open Heart RA-AG0005L10A.

Sleek Design 

Let’s get real for a moment; watches fall under the criteria of a fashion object more than an object that’s used to see the time. That’s why if you choose to wear a watch, it's always preferable have a sleek and classy design to it.

And the Bambino open heart nails it just right for you. The design gives a vibe of the most higher-end watches in the market, which is exceptional at this price range. However, that's always been a plus when it came to Orient. Also, it goes with a lot of your outfit that gives you more flexibility using this watch.

As the bambino series fall into their Classic series, it has the signature domed mineral crystal glass that gives the timepiece and elegant look. The RA-AG0005L10A has a blue dial with silver sword hands to indicate hours and minutes. This timepiece has a case diameter of 40.5mm ( without the crown) and a thickness of 12mm. As the name goes, it has an open heart dial between 8 and 10'o clock position. The other models come with similar features with the exception of dial and strap color.

Overall, if you have a high sense of fashion, the Orient Bambino Open Heart is going to be a perfect fit for you in its price range.

Orient Bambino RA-AG0005L10A with domed mineral crystal glass blue dial

High-Quality Materials 

A quality watch always uses higher quality materials in the construction. That makes it durable for any environment. But if it’s made with cheaper materials, it’s going to lose its shine and look in a very short time.

However, the Orient Bambino Open Heart uses high-end stainless steel that’s going to last you a lifetime. Also, the leather used in the strap is amazing if you are into watches that have leather bands.

Everything else used in the watch is premium as well. That includes the F6T22 Caliber movement- something that was designed exclusively for the open heart series. The F6T22 movement is fully automatic while also featuring a hand winding function. That’s going to make sure that your watch stays as good as new for a very long time.

Crafted for Long Time Use

Most of the watches you see out there don’t even work a full day. You’d have to rotate the dial to keep it moving. You can tell how much of an issue that can be.

Every time the watch stops working, you need to fix the time once again to bring it back on track. That’s not an ideal thing to do every single time. Also, it’s very annoying as well.

But you won’t have to sweat about it with the Orient Bambino Open Heart as it has a power reserve of approx. 40 hours ( lasts around 48 hours usually). That’s pretty exceptional in its price range if you think about it. However, that’ll let you focus on everything else rather than constantly thinking about your watch over and over.

Very Comfortable

You are most likely to wear your watch for even a whole day. What can be more annoying that the watch being irritating in your wrist? You need to wear a watch that feels comfortable in your wrist, which you can wear all day without any issue or discomfort.

The Orient Bambino Open Heart features a leather strap, which is very soft on your wrist. That eliminates all the chances of irritation in your skin. 

Also, it weighs only 2 ounces, which is very impressive as well. A heavy watch can be hard to keep on your hand for a longer period. But with the Orient Bambino Open Heart, you won’t have to sweat it even a bit. It gives you maximum comfort in wearing. 

Orient Bambino RA-AG0005L10A with domed mineral crystal glass blue dial


A great feature that you can see in most watches these days is the water resistance feature. That helps to increase the longevity of your watch by a lot. 

As you are more likely to wear it for a whole day, you have a high chance of running it under tap water by accident. Also, there's always the possibility of raining too. That can ruin your watch if it’s not waterproof.

Luckily, the Orient Bambino Open Heart features water-resistance as well. It is capable of resisting the water of up to 30 meters. Although 50 would've been much better, this is all that you’ll ever need in most cases. 

We would suggest that, you do not go and try swimming or diving wearing this watch. If you are into diving, then you should opt for a divers watch. But for a normal dip, this watch should do just fine. 

Now that we've covered most of the aspects of this watch, here's a list of the pros and cons for your convenience.


  • 1950's classical design by Orient
  • Great power conservation
  • Scratchproof mineral crystal glass
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • Best value of your money


  • Can gain a few seconds
  • Lack of Date Window

Orient Bambino Open Heart watch with Domed Mineral Crystal and  F6T22 Caliber Automatic, Hand-winding, Hacking Movement


We have answered some commonly asked questions in this Orient Bambino Open Heart review, too. The answers should come in handy.

Can I change the strap of the watch without any trouble?

Yes, you can change the band of the watch completely. All you need to get is a 21mm belt, which is not that easy to get. You can put 20mm or 22mm straps on the watch if you want. But it’s not going to give you the perfect fit and finish that you crave.

How long will the battery last with this watch?

You should know that the power reservation can be impacted by a lot of things. But typically, it’s going to give you 48 hours of backup. If you're asking about watch batteries by any chance, you will be glad to know that automatic watches do not require any batteries

Is the water-resistance powerful?

Well, it should do the job. But you should NOT swim or dive with the watch on your wrist. That will definitely damage it. A minor splash or a dip in the water is fine. 

How long does Orient Bambino last?

You can expect your Bambino ( or any Orient watches to be honest ) to last around 6-7 years. These watches are made to last. so, no worries on that end! 

Does the watch have a warranty plan?

Yes. Orient Bambino comes with a 1-year USA warranty 

Final Thoughts

While doing research for our Orient Bambino Open Heart review, we learned some amazing things about the watch. Apart from the date window, there's literally nothing we could ask for at this price range. And even the date thing makes sense, cause it'd have cluttered up the dial. 

We also had a notion that the RA-AG0005L10A will look a bit odd as it comes with a blue dial as well as a blue leather strap. However, to our surprise we found out that the dial has a much more deeper finish than the strap. And it looks amazing! You can tell why it’s the best pick if you want the sleekest dress watch for yourself. 

We believe that it’s not just about spending a lot of money on a watch and expecting it to be the best one. Sometimes, buying a good watch doesn’t need you to break the bank. And that's exactly what the Orient Bambino offers. 

All of the amazing features and functionalities make this timepiece a no brainer option for you. If you're looking for a dress watch, try it out. You won't be disappointed!